'Ohana Hale (“Development” or “Project”) has both market units and HHFDC Affordable Housing units available. Please see the below link, under Affordable Housing Programs to view information on applying to for the HHFDC Affordable Housing units. For information regarding the Market Rate Units, please contact the sales office.

Affordability Programs have complex regulations (seriously!) and the sales process is tightly controlled by the governing public agencies. Please click the links below for further information. If you have questions, contact the sales office.

Affordable Housing Programs

Approved Project Lenders

Guaranteed Rate and American Savings Bank are the Approved 'Ohana Hale Project Lenders. This means that HHFDC (the folks tasked with providing affordable housing) requires all buyers to get their prequalification letter from one of these two approved lenders and who have received training on HHFDC's processes for this project.
  • This does NOT cost you any money
  • This does NOT mean that you must get your mortgage through them.
  • Something to keep in mind: While you don't have to get your mortgage through the Project Approved Lenders, they will fully reimburse you should your loan fall through while another lender does not guarantee this, so it is something to consider.