Hi! So you’ve made it this far… now what?

Below are the steps and the FAQs to getting approved and into 'Ohana Hale

For HHFDC Units: Do you QUALIFY?

  1. Do you qualify for the income limits and other program criteria? Please see HHFDC Project Information Packet to determine if you do. Then, see the Application Packet.
  2. BEFORE coming into the office, get your pre-qualification letter by either American Savings Bank or Guaranteed Rate
  3. Once approved, visit our sales office
    1. Directions to our Sales Office at 770 KapApplication Packetiolani Blvd., #200: We are located on Kapiolani, between Ward and Cooke Streets. Driving West on Kapiolani, toward Downtown, turn right on Clayton Street AFTER Yanagi Sushi,
    2. Parking for Sales Office: Guest Stalls 3-18 located at the end of Clayton Street on the right and left-side of the road.
    3. Entering the Building:
      • Enter green & grey building double doors
      • Elevator is down the hallway, go up to the 2nd floor
      • Turn right and walk THROUGH the parking garage to the back (YES!  Our office is in the parking garage!)
      • Sales office is on the mauka side of the parking garage through the double doors
      • Call (808) 744-8181 for any further directions


What does HHFDC mean?

HHFDC stands for the "Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation."  HHFDC is the state department that has subsidized the project and in return, we offer a certain number of condos at a lower price starting at $286,681. Our market units which do not have the same restrictions start at $553,200.

What do I have to do to get the lower price?

You need to qualify. Check out the Affordability page for more information.

How much can I make per year?

Lower income households will have priority in the unit selection process.  Maximum income levels are expressed as a percentage of the Area Median Income, or “AMI”, as follows:

Family Size
80% AMI
100% AMI
120% AMI

If your income is over the 120% AMI level, you cannot qualify for an HHFDC unit but can qualify for a market unit.

Can I own another home?

No, not over 50% of shared interest. Please refer to the Qualified Resident definition.

How long do I need to live in the unit?

10 Years is the owner-occupant restriction. The owner occupancy requirement is effective for so long as the respective program is in effect – whether the buyback or the SAE.

How much do they cost?

HHFDC units start at $286,681 and go up from there.

What's the down payment?

For the HHFDC units, you can put 5% or more down.

What are the maintenance fees?

The Maintenance fees are estimated to be $0.50 per square foot.

Is there parking?

Yes. All units have a parking space.

Is there a pool?

No. There is a recreational area.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Pets are allowed!